These beautiful deer sculptures were created by local Washington state sculptor, Beth Cavener Stichter. These pieces are titled Obaryion and The White Hind, respectively.


Hey everyone~

I have this huuuge favour to ask of you.

Here is my baby Wendy :


She is 2 years old and she is sick. Let me tell you her story.

She puked once like on thursday last week but I didn’t worry cause yeah it happens once in a while that cats puke, yeah. But then I left…


since a lot of you were asking.

Chris Pratt, Comic-Con portrait.

Chris Pratt, Comic-Con portrait.

We are Groot.


Get to know me meme → [4/5] current celebrity crushes → Chris Pratt

Just be yourself and forget all of the stuff you read in ‘GQ’ magazine.


oh my god I love these two!


oh my god I love these two!

"She makes me smile goofy."